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Shrines and pilgrimage in the modern world

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New Itineraries into the Sacred

Auteur: Peter Jan Magry (ED.)

The modern pilgrimage - to sites ranging from Elviss Graceland to the Vietnam veterans annual Ride to the Wall to Jim Morrisons Paris grave - is intertwined with our existential uncertainties in the face of a rapidly changing world. In a climate that reproduces the religious quest in seemingly secular places, it is no longer clear exactly what the term pilgrimage infers - and this unique glimpse at the modern spiritual journeys critiques our notions of the secular and the sacred, while commenting on the medias multiplication of images that renders the modern pilgrimage a quest without an object. Using new ethnographical and theoretical approaches, this vivid collection offers a surprising new vision on the nonsecularity of the -secular pilgrimage.

ISBN: 978 90 8964 0 116

Pagina's: 362
Taal: Engels
Bindwijze: Paperback
Publicatie: 2008
Uitgever: Amsterdam University Press

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